Become a Participant:
Becoming an individual IPN participant is easy and straightforward. You can:


• Talk with a regional or national contact
• Attend a Gathering or local group meeting
• Fill in the form and send it with your contribution to the database keeper: IPN Initial Contact Form


Perhaps you are in a group exploring IPN membership together. In that case, please indicate on your forms that you are part of this group.


Become part of an IPN Group
If you are already an individual IPN participant you may wish to increase your involvement with IPN and become part of an IPN group.  There are several ways you can do this:


  1. You and your colleagues may attend a gathering together
  2. You may join an existing Member or Forming group
  3. You may invite an existing group of contacts to become an IPN group
  4. You may form a totally new group


In options 3 & 4, your group is now a forming group. You will begin to work together to find out if you and your colleagues can stand by each others’ work, explore what that might mean, and work on an ethical statement. Like any group you may encounter difficulties on the way, and may ask for help by contacting a regional contact or one of the volunteer group mentors, to help you settle in to becoming a close-knit group.


The final step is to find links with two other groups who will observe, support and challenge your group process, and to make an agreement to link with them. Then your group will become a Member of IPN.

Contact IPN