How would I find an IPN practitioner?
Look at the “IPN Groups” pages of this website for groups of practitioners that are members of IPN in your geographical area.


How may I know that my practitioner is associated with IPN?
The best way may be to ask them. If necessary, ask us or explore the groups on this website. They may be associated with IPN in other ways than being in a member group. Notice that in that case they would not be able to say “I am accredited through the IPN process”.


Can I trust my IPN therapist?
Whenever you ask this question it is wise to use your own judgment about whether to trust someone. In IPN we believe we have a process to indicate that your practitioner will offer you good practice. No process is perfect though, so you may wish to read the following question and answer.


If I want to make a complaint against an IPN practitioner what do I need to do?
If you raise a dispute/complaint through IPN about difficulties with a practitioner involved with IPN, then we would aim to support both yourself and the practitioner to resolve your concerns/objections/difficulties. Our intention would be to offer, in discussion with you and within our resource constraints, an approach which would be acceptable to you and sufficient for your needs.  This support can take different forms, for example; support from skilled groups or individuals from within IPN, support from the practitioner’s own group or linked groups; another form of support such as independent mediation.


IPN is a network of individuals and groups of practitioners, and not a hierarchical organisation which judges and sanctions its members. For practitioners in full IPN Member Groups, there is the group process, inter-group links and the mechanism of ‘Standing By’ (see here) including mediation-based procedures for supporting you should you have a concern or complaint. Full Member Groups take some time to develop, so there will always be a proportion of practitioners in IPN who are individual Participants or members of Forming Groups. For these practitioners, IPN will endeavour to support you should you have a concern or complaint, normally by facilitating a mediation process with the practitioner, but this is on a more provisional basis until the practitioner’s group is established.


Does IPN have a code of practice?
One of the tasks of each IPN group, as it forms, is to develop and publish to the IPN network a statement that reflects the ethical stance of the group. This is the basis on which we work, which means that the organisation as a whole does not have a code of practice.


Who speaks for IPN?
No-one can speak for the organisation as a whole and we believe that is a great strength of our peer organisation. Anyone can speak from their position in IPN, acknowledging their connection with the organisation.


How can I get more, or more detailed information about IPN?
A number of books and articles are available. Click here to visit our Resources page.

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