On this page, you will find some of the documents and articles which have been published about the IPN. Click on the blue links which will open in a new window for you to read online, download or print.

IPN Leaflet: A downloadable and printable one page leaflet outlining the IPN:  IPN Leaflet


IPN Principles and procedures:  A collection of the agreements that IPN has accumulated (updated February 2016):  Principles and Procedures Feb 2016


IPN Briefing document: A text featured in a special IPN issue of the Association of Humanistic Psychology Journal, Autumn 2005. IPN Briefing Document


Article from: P2P Foundation blog:   ‘Stepping aside from neoliberal faith – the heresy of Commoning’


IPNOSIS: A Journal for the Independent Practitioner’s Network:


Chapters from “Implausible Professions” and “Self and Society“:


The IPN; A New Model of Accountability- Nick Totton (1997)


Learning by Mistake; Client-Practitioner Conflict in a Self-regulated Network- Nick Totton (1997)


A Self Generating practitioner community- John Heron


Self and Peer Assessment-A Personal Story.- Lamont & Spencer


Participatory Ethics in a Self-generating Practitioner Community- Richard House


IPN as unqualified good- The IPN as a path through and beyond professionalisation- Richard House


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