We come from Bristol, Somerset and Wiltshire. We are looking for link groups, and are open to new members.


Group Contact: Bob Fisher
71 Linden Road, Westbury Park, Bristol Bs6 7RW 
 Bob Fisher
Louanne Lachman

I am a multi-cultural, body-centred counsellor and psychotherapist. I use body-awareness, energy practices and an eclectic mix of tools in a person-centred therapeutic practice. My intention is to facilitate the unwinding of psychological pain and dis-ease through being with the pain in a non-judgemental way. This way of working is embedded in ‘not knowing’ and trusting the client’s inner knowing, so that the client becomes aware of what is true for them through following the process of their work. I must add that I know this work from my own experience of it, which continues to unfold, each of us being a work in progress. My work is also based on my training and my ability to create a safe holding environment. I feel very honoured to do the work that I do. I have also had a very complex past which has allowed me to live in many different countries and be a part of many different cultures. I love to embrace the multitude of ways that we hold our past and become ourselves, including the trauma structures that may restrict and define us, as well as our eventual freedom from that. A variety of cultures, ethnicities, sexualities and genders are welcome in my work and in my life


Tel: 07871105335


Marianne Hill

I work as a Shadow Work group facilitator and one to one coach in Bristol and Somerset. I also work with couples and teach authentic communication. In addition to this I run trainings for psychotherapists and counsellors teaching techniques for working with the shadow. I am also a shiatsu practitioner, although these days this tends to form only a small proportion of the work I do.


Tel 01373 300749


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