WELCOME to the Independent Practitioners Network, IPN.


We are an independent nationwide network of practitioners in psychotherapy, counselling, the education and practice of human growth and similar endeavours. Practitioners are of equal status and in linked peer groups rather than in a hierarchical organisation. The Independent Practitioners Network offers an authentic model of best practice accountability through open, committed relationships with peers. We work together in linked groups to offer each other mutual support and challenge.


We believe that high quality ethical practice is grounded in honesty, integrity and transparency. We welcome counsellors, psychotherapists, educators, growth workers and allied practitioners.


The aim of this new and developing website is to show the quality of what IPN offers, with the intention of benefitting both client and practitioner:


  • to inform you if you are a potential client seeking help from an IPN practitioner.
  • to raise your awareness if you may wish to become part of IPN.
  • to contact you if you are interested in, and excited by an unusual means of association among peers.

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